Bruxism Night Grinding is the involuntary grinding or clenching of the teeth.

It can generate tremendous force on the teeth causing broken teeth, loose fillings and loss of tooth enamel. Proform night guards require little to no adjustment at insertion stage and can provide relief for your patients due to their comfortable, fit and high wear resistance. Suitable for light – hard bruxers.

The use of night guards can lead to the reduction of parafunctional intensity and headaches and alleviate symptoms of
TMJ dysfunction.

Proform Milled Splint Hard

PROFORM Milled Splint (HARD)


  • Slimline design with customisable thickness
  • Smooth gliding surface for optimum comfort
  • Clips into undercuts – no need for metal clasps
  • Most suitable for medium to heavy bruxers


(leading night guard)


  • Soft fitting surface for comfort
  • Customised to suit any patients dentition
  • Available in 3mm and 4mm thickness
  • Hard outer shell for medium/high level bruxers
  • Flat plane - limits clenching.

Night Guard

PROFORM Night Splint (Soft)


  • Soft inner/outer shell for patient comfort
  • 4mm thickness of material
  • Appearance - not foreign to patients
  • Light bruxers only
  • Full maxillary coverage.

Anterior jig

(Clenching inhibitor)


  • Anterior fitting appliance only
  • Prevents posterior teeth from clenching
  • Minimal dimension of appliance
  • Suitable for medium/high bruxers
  • Thermoplastic internal lining for both comfort and an accuracy of fit.

Dental Professionals

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