Snore Appliance

Call us the Anti-Snorers!

The best treatment for snoring and sleep apnoea is an oral appliance, also known as a sleep device. We recommend MDSA®  – the Medical and Dental Sleep Appliance. It was designed in conjunction with Australia’s leading dentists, sleep physicians and dental technicians. It’s been subjected to rigorous scientific testing and evaluations over the past 10 years and sailed through with positive results.

The MDSA®  is made from the patient’s own dental impression using dual laminate hard/soft splinting material. It’s easily adjustable by the patient and allows for freedom of lateral mandibular movements. It’s comfortable, robust and with a lightweight design that can withstand the forces of bruxism.

MDSA® Snore Appliance
For a great nights sleep.
  • Custom made for comfort and durability
  • Inserted with ease
  • Stops or reduces noise level to an acceptable level in snorers
  • Medically proven to improve quality of life activities