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Our dental products are crafted by hand using the highest quality material. We make sure all patients get a superior custom fit. And we don’t scrimp on care or attention because we know it matters.

Superior Comfort
By creating an impression of your patients’ teeth Proform Mouthguards won’t wear against gums or the inside of cheeks.

Better Breathing
Proform Mouthguards are designed to ensure free and easy airflow, during sleep and play.

Easier Communication
With lightweight design and a comfortable fit, it’s still easy to speak clearly when wearing a Proform Mouthguard. The perfect sports guard for all the footy players and budding sports stars.

Dentist Grade Quality
Our dental lab technicians have hand crafted each mouthguard in Melbourne. This level of detail makes a difference. Our mouthguards are robust, durable and comfortable.

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