Night Guards

WARNING – May cause a blissful nights sleep.

As you know, night grinding or bruxism is fairly common. Luckily the side effects; broken teeth, loose fillings, headaches, facial pain are all preventable. Proform Night Guards reduce and alleviate symptoms of bruxism when wear on teeth and restorations are present.

PROFORM Night Guards:

  • Achieve superb compliance through maximum comfort.
  • Allow for minimal chair time, with next to no adjustment needed for the fit.
  • Maintain occlusal stability.

Proform Night Guards are specifically designed to combat all forms of night grinding, from mild to hard-core. These superior quality night guards are durable, lightweight, comfortable and need hardly any adjustment. They’re all hand crafted by our dental technicians in Melbourne who know the value of a good night’s sleep.

PROFORM Premium Splint (Digitally Made)
For medium to heavy bruxers
  • Slimline, patient specific design
  • Designed using CAD/CAM for advanced protection
  • Smooth gliding surface for optimum comfort
  • Clips into undercuts – no need for metal clasps
  • No discolouration
  • Available with canine guidance
PROFORM Occlusal Splint (Hard/Soft)
Our most popular night guard
  • Slimline design with customisable thickness
  • Smooth gliding surface for optimum comfort
  • Soft rubber fitting surface
  • Available in 3mm and 4mm thickness
  • Clips into undercuts – no need for metal clasps
  • Flat plane - limits clenching
  • Most suitable for light to medium bruxers
  • Available with acrylic addition and canine guidance
PROFORM Nylon Splint
Our unbreakable splint
  • Superior strength and durability
  • High precision patient fitting
  • Designed using CAD/CAM with Nylon Polyamide Type 12
  • Ideal for sensitive, fragile or restored teeth
PROFORM Night Splint (Soft)
For light bruxers
  • Soft inner/outer shell, for patient comfort
  • 4mm thickness of material
  • Full maxillary coverage
PROFORM Anterior Jig
For light to medium bruxers
  • Anterior fitting appliance only
  • Prevents posterior teeth from clenching
  • Minimal dimension of appliance