Better Protection with Proform

Choose Custom-Made.

When it comes to the safety and protection of your
teeth, only the best will do. We are industry leaders
and all our mouth- and night guards are crafted in
Australia from superior thermoforming materials
to ensure maximum protection and optimal fit.


Get Your Game On.

Playing any contact sport comes with the risk
of facial injury so protection is key. Choosing
a custom-fitted Profom mouthguard greatly
reduces this risk so you can relax and be your best
on the field.


The Choice of Professionals.

The benefits of a high-quality, well-fitted,
thermoformed mouthguard are second to none
and regardless of the level you compete at, a quality
mouthguard is essential and should always be part
of your kit.


With Proform Enjoy:

– Custom-made to fit your mouth
– Better fit and comfort
– Greater protection
– Top quality for increased durability

Blissful Sleep with Proform.

The conscious or unconsious grinding and clenching
of your teeth (Bruxism is the fancy medical term)
is a common problem and can cause headaches,
jaw disorders and damaged teeth. Luckily these
symptoms can be avoided with a custom night guard
from Proform.


Benefits of Tailor-Made Splints:

– Superb fit
– Maximum comfort
– Improved breathing
– Superior protection


Which Product is Right For Me?


Proform offers three types of mouthguards for different age groups and sports.

Check out our full range HERE.

Night Guards

Proform offers four types of night guards, depending on your needs.

Check out our full range HERE.

Your dentist will be able to help choose the best product for you. Remember – you should always follow a dentist’s instructions for use.

Where Do I Get A Proform Mouth- or Night Guard?

Ask your dentist about Proform – they can get in touch with us and place an order for you.

Alternatively, any specialised or trained dentist will be able to advise what treatment and product is right for you and order from us.

Any questions, give our customer service team a call.